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Spouse is using seperate tax service


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My wife is using a seperate (paid) tax service as she has a small business and her returns are a bit more complicated. Myself and my kids are pretty straightforward and I want to avoid the extra fees so I am using ufile.

Should I be adding her to my file but just not entering anything? Or should she not be included on my ufile application?

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Hi jmbostick

The advantage of preparing a joint return (you and your spouse together) in the same file allows the UFile MaxBack to optimize the tax results by the transferring of credits. If you decide to use MaxBack- "Let MaxBack decide", the optimization is done automatically. The program's "MaxBack Refund Analyzer" running in the background will integrate the tax returns of all the family members in the file.

NOTE: You should enter the complete information of the spouse in the following situations:

1. You wish to split eligible pension income with your spouse;
2. You wish to claim the family tax cut;
3. You wish to claim the working income tax benefit for lower income families;
4. You immigrated in Canada in the tax year and you had a spouse on December 31st;
5. Your spouse died in the tax year.

The choice is yours, if you want to have your returns prepared in separate files. You can claim amounts transferred to you by your spouse with either selection. However, completing a return separately in UFile requires you to enter the basic information and the net income of your spouse.


Also, I would like to mention that UFile covers almost every tax scenario, including Business, Rental income and more others. So you could try to prepare the tax return for your wife together with yours using UFile. And if there is anything that you cannot find how to enter, you can always contact UFile Support for help.

Please access the link below for all the forms that UFile supports:





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