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How to enter amount for lin3 303 or 304?


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4 hours ago, Marris said:

How to enter the amount for my Caregiver support to my spouse on Schedule 5 for line 303 or 304?

I tried different venues without success.  Schedule 5 is not being populated.

Windows 10, UFile for Windows.




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16 hours ago, Antoine7 said:


A new version v21.20 will be released the next few hours, clarifying among other things, the caregiver amounts and lines.

Antoine7 when is the update coming?  you said a few hours... It's been 16 now.

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Hi Antoine,  

Even with the new update, I am still looking on how to enter the Canada caregiver amount (new since 2017) to a spouse that needs support at home.

The amount would be on line 303 or 304 from Schedule 5. 

Thanks for your help.


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