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Filing both 2016 and 2017 tax returns as a newcomer


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I arrived in Quebec, Canada mid 2016 as student with no income but did not file my taxes for 2016.
Now I want to file both 2016 and 2017 tax returns together.
I know since I am in Quebec and since this is my first tax return, I cannot submit online and I should mail my tax returns.
My question is:
Should I mail both years together at the same time?
Or should I first mail 2016 tax return and wait for it to be received by CRA and Revenue Quebec and then send my 2017 tax return? If the later is to be done, I will miss 2017 tax return deadline because I worked during 2017.
Thanks in advance
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Hello shinafifloo

First, you should send your tax returns for 2016 tax year and therefore the ones for 2017 tax returns.

You can’t use NETFILE to file your tax return if you are filing an income tax and benefit return for the first time with the CRA and the CRA does not have your complete date of birth on record.

So, based on the above CRA statement, you could try to send electronically your first federal tax return (for 2016).

Unfortunately, you are not eligible to transmit electronically your 2016 tax return for Quebec, because you immigrated in 2016. So, you will have to paper file your 2016 provincial tax return.

Here are the links for more information about the eligibility for the electronical transmission:





For 2017, if you don't follow under one of the NETFILE restrictions, you should be able to send electronically both tax returns: the federal and the provincial one.

I hope this information helps you and you have a great day,


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