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Multiple installations


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You can install UFile on a maximum of two computers. However, please note that we only allow 8 or 16 returns per licence, depending on the product purchased.


If you require additional returns you may purchase them from the UFile Shop (http://www.ufile.ca/windows/Store/).


You may, of course, prepare your friends' return on your computer, but giving your copy of UFile to another person for installation on his/her computer is in violation of the licence agreement.

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My cd installed propeerly at first...all menus were there. Just went back to start it today, and 2 option bars came up, =appears that it didn't install properly, click fix issues now, or 2= uninstall. I tried 3 times to fix with no results! I then un-installed it, slipped disc back in, and now it is aking me to pay again! Please help me! pjowett1961@gmail.com.


I will need a NEW disc as this one malfunctioned, and I want the CD. Thanks. Not a happy customer right now. Have never had these issues before.

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Hi there, this post is from 2013 regarding the 2012 version of UFile. 


Can someone please confirm that the new 2013 version of UFile can still be installed on two computers?  I would like to know this before I purchase the program again and it is not shown in the list of features.



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