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Does uFile support changing a past return?


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20 minutes ago, Nawal said:

Hi FrankW, You can use the program to make an adjustment to a tax return that has already been filed. Make sure you have received your notice of assessment before asking for changes to your return.

NOTE: We recommend that you keep your previously filed tax return and prepare separately an amended tax return based on the changes you make. Print this amended tax return and compare it with your original tax return. Take note of the line numbers that are affected, as you will need them when completing your adjustment request.

To do so, please follow these steps:
1- In the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", click on "Interview setup".
2- On the page that appears to the right, scroll down to the "Other topics" section, check the box for "Adjustment request for a tax return that has been filed" and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.
3- Return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "Adjustment request" at the bottom of the list and, on the right-hand side of the screen, click on the plus "+" symbol to the right of the form you need, either "T1-ADJ adjust a federal tax return" or for Quebec residents "TP-1.R adjust a Quebec tax return".
4- Select the "Taxation year" you want to correct from the drop-down menu to your right, and then enter the relevant information.

Hi, Nawal, thanks for your detailed steps. one quick more thing if you can clarify:

I want to modify 2017 tax return, and I shall still launch 2019 tax file, and add the adjustment there by adding it thru Interview Setup you described?

Thanks a lot.


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On 4/10/2022 at 9:44 AM, Bee said:

There is no option to for an Adjustment request under "Other Topics." What am I missing here? Why is this so difficult? Or am I just completely missing something here? 

You are missing Click on Interview Setup.

If you are changing your 2021 return, look at the left-side menu near the top for CRA Refile.

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