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I am filing the 2019 income tax return for a student and he does not have an official last name (his country does not use last names). The system requires a last name. What should I write in the last name box? I thinking to write "No official last name". Has anyone encountered this before? If yes, what did you do? 

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You can put a middle name or first name and indicate they are a first-time filer or indicate a surname change. It is commonly seen on people with last name Kaur or Singh. For example, for Name: "Ramandeep Kaur", use "Ramandeep" for first name and "Kaur" for last. Or, try "Ramandeep Kaur" for first name and "Kaur" for last name. It can be done via EFILE, but it may not work for NETFILE. Unfortunately CRA cannot assist with this name issue, as a return needs to be filed for them to find any information.

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I tried this trick last year and ended up creating whole new mess. I entered  not applicable in first name, as He did not have any first name , It changed the name in cra file as Notaaplicable&last name . Then had to change the name with cra as bank would not cash the cheque issued on wrong name. Then had to return the cheque to cra and get direct deposit. This year I want to avoid the same situation by filing paper return  but software would not let me print return without first name.

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