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Line 22900 Other Employment Expenses


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Thankyou very much Nawal that is what I was looking for.  

I also found this new item:   after selecting Employment expenses;

I selected:  T777 Eligible employment expenses for an employee earning a salary .

There is a new line entry:   Have you teleworked due the Covid-19 crisis.

By selecting  Yes,      a new line should open to ask for more information.

I guess a new UFile update will include this new information.

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Hello - Thank you for the workflow on this. I just wanted to confirm the # that we should be entering into the box on ufile. 

The CRA form has you calculate "# days x $2 = result" and then says, enter the result *max $400) on line 22900 of your return. BUT in the UFile page (for flat rate method) it asks if you worked more than 50% at home (Yes), and then to enter the "total # of days worked at home". 

Do I enter the # of days, or the calculation of # days x $2??


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Hi there. So I didn't realize I could claim this last tax year and am wondering if I can still claim 2020 on this years taxes? I'm able to claim the 2021 with ease using your instructions to find and add the proper form within Ufile. Just need guidance on if it is possible to still claim the days worked during 2020. 



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