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Hi @Libby 

The data files created by UFile have the extension .uxx (where xx corresponds to the last two digits of the tax year,(ex. u14 for 2014 , u15 for 2015). To locate a file, you need to do a search using *.u* as a criterion.

For Windows 7 or 10:

1. Click "Start".
2. In the box "Start search", type *.u*.

For Windows 8:

1. Open "Search" by pressing both the Windows logo (between Ctrl and Alt) and the F key.
2. Type *.u*.

The computer will give you the list of files with the extension .uxx.

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Anybody who got success in downloading UFILE PRO 2021?  Normally Dr. Tax released the download email by Dec 15th without fail; but it seems there are technical issues they are having for not doing this routine job on their side.   I already made 2 email to secure the solution but without success.


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All my files from previous years starting 2013 are saved properly on my computer. Despite filing with both Revenue Canada and Quebec for 2020 I can not find/locate the  my u20 file for year 2020 on my computer so I can use it to move forward for tax filing for year 2021. Can not find the file at all.  I see I am not the only one. Any hints of what happened or why the u20 file in not available ?

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