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UFile PRO allows you to transmit tax returns via EFILE. To do this, you must have a CRA Efile number and password.


This is how you would configure UFile in order to use EFILE.


Click on the "EFILE" menu in the toollbar located between "Tools" and "Windows", choose "EFILE - NETFILE setup" and complete the information:


    A- Location of your UFile tax files;
    B- In what capacity are you preparing tax returns? (Professional tax preparer );
    C- Efile on line;
    D- Enter your CRA Efile number along with your CRA Efile password;
    E- Complete the page by entering your information from your Efile registration;
    F- Once done, click "OK".


If you are preparing a tax return for a Quebec resident, you must also check the box for "NETFILE Quebec for professionals". Then, you must enter the NETFILE Quebec number and NETFILE Quebec password that you obtained from RQ.


New registration:    http://www.efile.cra.gc.ca/l-rgstr-eng.html
Account Renewal:    http://www.efile.cra.gc.ca/l-rnwl-eng.html

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Hi Gabriel, Looking forward to purchasing my Ufile Pro one of these days.

However, there is one important feature missing from Ufile Pro, and I dont understand why that is so. Why don't you allow efiling of the T1013. CRA really encourages that this form be efiled. It speeds up the filing period from 20 days to 4. I know that DTMax offers this service, but as a small business, with around 60 returns, I really dont need DTMax.

Any idea if this feature will be added?

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Hi Gabriel,


I am using Ufile Pro - I am still looking for instructions to use the "Authorization for an Accredited Tax Preparer to download your fiscal data"


I have looked high and low for more information on how to use this feature - any help would be appreciated.

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I have just purchased Ufile Pro and was extremely disappointed that I cannot electronically submit T1013s - will there be an upgrade this year to allow this? If not, how are others submitting these to CRA - is there an alternative electronically submission rather than mail?

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I would also like to vote for the ability to E-file the T1013 in Ufile Pro.  

I don't do enough returns to justify the high end program

And most clients do not bother to sign up for "My Account" so asking them to appoint me that way is really no good.  

I am looking for a different solution...

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