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Election to stop contributing to CPP


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Hi @Pinball,

As a self-employed individual, if you do not wish to contribute to the CPP, please follow the steps below:

1- On the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", select the "Controls" option. 

2- On the "Canada Pension Plan" section, under "If you had employment earnings:", go to the question "Did you make a CPT30 election in 2019?". If you had both employment income and self-employment income in 2018 and wanted to elect to stop paying CPP contributions in 2018, answer "Yes" from the drop-down menu, then enter the election date.

3- On the section, "If you had self-employment income (see help?)", go to question "Did you want to stop contributing to the CPP on self-employment income?".

4- For the question, "If you answered Yes to the question above, enter the election date (01-mm- 2019 ) to stop contributing to the CPP (Schedule 8 L.50372) or to revoke an election made in a prior year to stop contributing to the CPP (Schedule 8 L.50374) ", click on the drop down menu and select "Elect to stop contributing to the CPP"and in the box to your right enter the date "(dd-mm-yyyy).

5 - Click on "Next" at the bottom of the page.

Schedule 8 will be generated by the program. In Part 3, the software will calculate your CPP contributions on employment income. In Part 4, the software will calculate CPP contributions on self-employment income and you had no employment income. In Part 5, the software will calculate for the CPP contribution on self-employment income, when you had an employment income.

Thank you,

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I have the same problem and tearing my hair out!!! The controls section does NOT mention CPP at all. And I have done all updates.  Could this be missing or somewhere else.  I sent in a request for assistance and they gave the same instructions as above, but my screen does not show CPP.  Any Idea what's going on??????

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CPT20 - Election to Pay Canada Pension Plan Contributions

CPT30 - Election to stop contributing to the Canada Pension Plan or Revocation of a Prior Election

This form is not supported by the program

Relevant data is entered in the Controls page

To clarify above, in the Controls section under the Interview tab, THERE IS NO CPP SECTION!.  I have only  6 sections on one page and none relate to CPP. This page does not expand to additional topics and there are no o/s updates!

I have checked back to my Ufile for several years and the last time this section appeared in Controls was in 2018.  Is it a problem with the page not expanding OR did you just remove it altogether?  I am able to do that elsewhere, so why not in the Controls section????? I am using UFile 4 which indicates it supports self-employment income but I wonder if this has changed? Should I purchase a more advanced UFile software to get proper CPP calculation?  As far as the info on the box they are all the same, just the number of returns you are preparing changes. U File Admin - please respond as there is a large amount of CPP owing and I can't opt out.


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On 3/15/2022 at 9:40 PM, linhnd2000 said:

I must be blind 'cuz I can't seem able to find how to enable this schedule 8


more specifically I don't see what Denis said after "controls"

I am having the same issue— There is no CPP Section in the Controls. I’m wondering if U File no longer supports CPP changes for SE people.  This section has not been in the controls since 2018, from what I see.


33 minutes ago, Catherine-confused said:

I had the same problem as well. The age is between 65 to 70, but ufile notify me that I am not qualify to make such election!!!!

Spend one day to try to find solution but failed.

Next year it maybe better to try other software.



Not helpful if you are self- employed! 

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I tried everything I could think of to try to get the CPP section to be generated in Controls. Got one unhelpful reply from UFile support just regurgitating the same thing as  one of the posts above.

In the end we decided to file as is and pay the extra $1000.00 CPP. Now we’ll have to request an amendment by CRA- will not be doing that through U File and will have to find different tax software for next year that can deal with this issue. Not happy!! 

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I met the same problem for my family who is self-employed, over 65 and not receiving CPP, have tried many times but the schedule 8 doesn't show up.

The support of Ufile says it only works on people who is receiving CPP and have a T4A slip. We don't have such a slip maybe that's the reason.

I called CRA this morning and the agent told me to file the NETFILE online, then attach a schedule 8 in paper and mail to CRA, this could work for the case. I think we will write down the information include name, birthday, SIN, and the reason in a letter explaining why the election is not applied through the software, so to see if they will do the adjustment from their side.


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