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Won't install

Robert M

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I'm getting the same behaviour. I've downloaded it and clicked on the .exe. It goes through the install questions then when it comes to actually running the install, I get an error box. I'm using Windows 10. I've attached an image. After I click on the 'ok' button, it says that uFile has installed successfully, but it's not installed.

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 10.24.51 AM.png

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Using Windows 11 Pro, V 21H2. Download and install was seamless. I know that may not help those using Windows 10 but the only issue I had was trying to actually pay for the software and get the link. That got solved today. I used the follow up email link as the initial confirmation link did not work. I downloaded the software to a specific folder in Documents and then clicked on the file and the Install was flawless.

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Thank You Jane Murray.

I have windows 10 32 bit and it worked as you suggested from your zip file link.

I also have a windows 10 64 bit computer which I just ran the original downloaded file (not the zipped link) in Windows 8 compatibility and  it installed successfully.

Mario M.

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