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Where to input Bursaries and Grants on Ufile Tax program for full time students


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Hello @DomL,

A bursary or scholarship is generally reported on a T4A slip with an entry in Box 28.

To enter a bursary or scholarship, please go in the Interview setup, section "Pension income, T4A, split income", option "T4A-pension, retirement, annuity, and other income". For the Box 28-other income, please select the option "Scholarships (study groups), bursaries or fellowships (code 105)" and then enter the scholarship amount.

Note that scholarships and bursaries are generally NOT taxable on the federal return.

If you are NOT entitled to education amounts in respect of these amounts, the part of the post-secondary scholarships, fellowships or bursaries you received in the year that is more than $500 will appear on line 130 of the federal return.

Moreover, for Quebec residents, the scholarship income is reported at line 154- "Other Income", and a credit is given at line 295- "Deduction respecting certain income".

Thank you,

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