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Fiscal year dates for self-employment income


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I am reporting self-employment income. I put the dates for fiscal year beginning and end as 01-01-2021 and 31-12-2021 (both manually and clicking on the dates). But the system refuses to calculate and I keep getting a message saying that "the length of your fiscal year was less than 365 days or 366 days for a leap year". I checked on what I input last year (01-01-2020 and 31-12-2020) and that worked fine.

Any ideas?


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I got the same error message. I checked the dates I entered, they are beginning date: 01-01-2021 and end date: 31-12-2021. Also, it is neither my first year of the business nor the last year. I even tried to generate the tax return after deleting "Self-employment income" section altogether, I still got the same error message. Please help to resolve this issue.

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Thanks Meriam for sharing. I tried that trick and it still doesn't work! Beside, it doesn't make sense that making it "less than 365" should work because it's exactly the opposite of what it asks for, unless you also tick "last year of operation"? I don't understand. I still think there is a bug with the system. 

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