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Optimization of Charitable Donations


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I have a spouse and we have charitable donations.  I choose the Let Ufile Decide option to determine who should claim the charitable donations.  This results in my wife, who has lower income, to be assigned the charitable donations.  However if I override that and elect to claim the donations myself then we have an overall lower tax bill. 

How is Ufile making the decision of where to assign Charitable donations?  I thought it would just try each scenario and go with which one gave the best result.  I can only guess but it appears it uses some sort of rule of thumb that breaks down in my situation.  Or it could be considering some 'bigger picture' than just maximizing overall refund amount, but if it is doing that I don't know how to confirm.

I have raised a ticket on this but no response yet.


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Hi UFile uses a sophisticated iteration routine to determine how to best allocate medical expenses and donations between two spouses. Yes, there is a rule of thumb whereby it is usually best if the lower income spouse claims the medical expenses since they are reduced by the lesser of 3% of net income or $2,421 (for 2021) and the higher income spouse claims the donations. However, there are always exceptions to this rule and items like the dividend tax credit, foreign tax credit, and AMT can alter the scenario.

If you would be kind enough to provide our support dept. with an anonymized copies of your returns via the help support page then we can analyze your returns further to see what exactly is happening in your file. 

Best regards, George Hiotis QA Manager UFile.ca 

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I am having a similar problem with UFILE 2023.  Setting the program to Maxback for charitable donations puts all our donations with my spouse, who has a lower income.  The net tax refund for both of us is $407.

When I set it so all our charitable donations are claimed by me, the next tax refund for both of us is $425.

Apparently the Maxback program isn't working properly.


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