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Other family members - Can I use my account?


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Hi @Son_of_a_tax,

If she is not your dependant, then you must create a new account (file) for her so you do not claim credits you are not entitled to and so she can have her own different address from you as a family head.

What is UFile's definition of a dependant?

According to UFile, dependants are members of the taxpayer's family unit, usually children, parents or other relatives who:

- live at the same address, at the end of the year, AND

- are being financially supported by the designated family head and/or this person's spouse.

Thank you,

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Hi @Gerry P,

Please note that there is no automatic way to carry forward the information of a member who leaves the family.

This person must enter all the information in a new file (UFile for Windows) or in a new account  (UFile ONLINE).

However, do not forget to report any amount that can be postponed. These carry forwards are usually listed on the Notice of Assessment they received in the previous year.

Also, check the "Summary of carry forward amounts" page under the tab "Tax return" of the previous year.

Remember to remove this person from your family file. To do this, click to the left of the family member and a pop-up window will appear with the prompt  "Are you sure you want to delete this family member?".  By clicking "Yes", you will delete all the data of this person.

The information from prior years is carried forward automatically between the same accounts for next years and if you create a new account then you can import the prior year UFile for Windows file (.uXX) to UFile Web.

Thank you,

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Hi @Denis K,

Like OP, I'm looking to file my in-laws' ITR this year. I have always used the UFile online version for Mac, but would like to purchase the one for Windows. If I get the "UFile 12 for Windows - 2022  (download)," would I be able to use it for both of our families even if we live in different addresses, or is each purchase of this software only usable for people living in the same address?



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