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Home buyers plan added to income (not sure how to put it in ufile correctly)


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I just want to make sure that I am entering the information correctly. We are not paying it back to RRSP but adding it to income instead. 

I entered $1666 in the RL-10 we received and in the HBP section. Do I need to enter any other information in RRSP contributions even though we are not paying it back to them? The reason I am asking is because of this message in ufile Note: You must also enter an RRSP contribution (in the left side menu under RRSP contributions, limits of an equal of greater amount.

On the page entitled "Home Buyers' Plan (HBP)", on the line for "RRSP home buyers' plan repayable balance at start of 2021", $21668.00

HBP amount that should be repaid in 2021 (on HBP statement from CRA), $1666.00

Contributions designated as your 2021 HBP repayment". For this last section I put zero since I am not paying anything back to RRSP. We want to add it as income.

 Is this correct or should I do something else?

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