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cant find activation key!!!


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Hello willvirlyn,

Please contact UFile Support.  We can check for your Activation Key from your account.

For telephone support, please call: 514-733-8414 or 1-888-633-8414  (M-F 900 - 2100)
An agent can review the issue with you.
If you prefer, you can also open a request ticket and submit an anonymous file for review on-line at https://www.ufile.ca/contact/contact-us

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This is an ongoing issue with Thompson Reuters selection of SMTP sending again this tax year.  An accountant in the family says it's common for many business lines esp if you use gmail, mail just never gets to clients in some cases.

I paid for Ufile Windows 2022 in December (same as every year for a decade+), and get info, install links or marketing collateral... but not my key for the 2022 version in the regular receipt as usual.  There is no way to view keys in the online portal or in community user properties etc.  

Opened an online support ticket, but no email confirmation it was opened or received indicates it may be a technical or reputation issue with their email provider.

UPDATE - email from support directly from agent "Hui" resolved immediate issue and key allowed successful registration.  Thank you to agent!

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