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Stopped CPP contributions in 2019, trouble with program to maintaining stopped status in 2021


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I elected to stop CPP contributions on Self-employed income in 2019 and filed the appropriate Schedule 8.

In the 2021 Ufile program,  the Control page, Canada Pension Plan section, I am only responding to Prior CPP Election question "did you make an election in a prior year to stop contributing to the CPP?", with "Yes" input from the dropdown.

When I do the review, no warnings.  When I click on Tax Return, UFile is giving me an Electronic Filing Error, and stipulating : "you are at least 65 years of age but under 70, you received CPP/QPP retirement pension, and you have earned self-employment income.  You must identify if a Form CPT30 was completed to stop contributing to the CPP, or to revoke an election made in a prior year to stop contributing to the CPP and the date of the election ."

What is the proper fix fro this? 


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