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Ufile program does not seem to include pension adjustment in rrsp controbution limit


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Hello TiminBC2022,

The pension adjustment of Box 52 of the T4 is required to calculate the allowable deduction for RRSPs for year 2022.

On the left side menu of the " Review " tab in the "Messages" section, the program will generate a "Warning" informing you that "You entered an amount for RPP (registered pension plan) contribution on a T4 or T4A but did not enter an amount for pension adjustment. Ensure that you entered the amount from box 52 of the T4 or box 34 of the T4A".

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I'm new here, so don't take anything I say too seriously; I'm more likely to learn something from this exchange than help you.  But, here goes:  The pension adjustment reduces your RRSP limit, as shown on last year's notice of assessment.  You said "It does not look like UFILE subtracts the pension adjustment from the RRSP limit for the year.".  Since the pension adjustment was already subtracted from "available contribution room for 2022", why do you expect UFILE to subtract it, and why are you adding it back?

By "I'm new here", I mean to the forum.  I've used ufile for years, and always entered the number from my notice of assessment and kept my contributions below that.

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