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Netfile for 6 year old Dependant

Tom Parsons

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Hi, I just finished daughters tax return and filed it successfully using Netfile. However I cannot submit her 6 year old son's return. She is a single parent. Do I need to file? It does not give me the "ready to file" option. Obviously the 6 year old has no income but has daycare expenses etc.

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Hello om Parsons,

In the dependant's file select : Did this dependant have any income in 2022?


Situation on December 31, 2022

Click the ? of each of the next two lines in case of specific situations (emigrant, deceased person)

Province of residence on December 31, 2022  Ontario  Quebec  Alberta  British Columbia  Manitoba  New Brunswick  Newfoundland and Labrador  Northwest Territories  Nova Scotia  Nunavut  Prince Edward Island  Saskatchewan  Yukon  Deemed resident  Non-resident 
Marital status on December 31, 2022  Single  Widowed  Separated  Divorced 
Did this dependant have any income in 2022?  No  Yes 
Does this taxpayer require a tax return?  Yes  Let MaxBack decide  No 


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