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CRA Rejecting Access Code

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When I attempt to send the Netfile submission for my spouse, I only get an error message telling me that the Access Code is incorrect.  Mine went through with no issues.  First time I have had a problem submitting both files in the many years I have used UFile.  I contacted CRA for assistance.  They verified that the Access code was correct, and we conducted various means of fixing the problem, including clearing the browser cache, trying another number provided by CRA, and restarting the program.  None were successful.  I have been trying for several days.  CRA tells me the problem must be with the software.

I tried sending a help request twice using the on line form in the program, but did not receive the expected automated EMail so I could pursue getting some help.

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Hello Mike42,

Double check the NAC :

Your unique Access code can be found on your Notice of Assessment (NOA) for a previous tax year. This eight-character Access code is made up of numbers and letters and is located on the right side of your NOA. The placement and labelling of the Access code differs slightly depending on the version of the NOA you are looking at, but will always be on the right side of the NOA.

On the paper version of your NOA as well as the PDF version in My Account, the Access code is not labelled, but can be found directly underneath the Date issued at the top right of the page. If you are viewing your NOA in My Account or using the Express NOA service in certified tax software, the Access code is found directly under the Notice details box at the top right of the page.

While this Access code is not mandatory, if you do not enter your Access code, you will not be able to use any information from your 2022 tax return when confirming your identity with the Canada Revenue Agency. You will have to rely on other information for authentication

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Geo123.  Thank you for the statement of the blindingly obvious.  If you had actually read and understood my english post, you would see that I am already very aware of the proper procedure, hence the reference to having performed the task already many times.  What I am looking for is for UFile to step up and work with me to resolve the issue, in conjunction with Canada Revenue Service if neccessary.  The flashiest software in the world is useless without full technical support, and relevant, helpful customer support.

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