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ONLINE (head of household) Hidden Charges

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I purchased a head of household package with four free users in years past. I e-filed my report for both and total cost was $19.99 plus tax. This year I paid $19+ for an online head of household not realizing it covered my return only and no free returns included. I paid and when I tried to e-file I was asked to pay another $14.00 in order to e-file my wives return. My wife has a total yearly income of under $20,000 all of it coming from OAS and CPP. She qualifies for a free e-file. How do I receive a voucher code to remove the $14,00 cost ?


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Hello David Buckle,

If your *total family income* is less than $20,000*, you will not be charged any fee to print or NETFILE your return(s) with UFile.  Should your income exceed this limitation, you will be asked to pay to print the return or submit it via NETFILE.

*This is based on the *TOTAL* amount from line 15000 of the federal return of each member of your family i.e the total. (this can include Dependant’s child benefits.


How much does UFile ONLINE cost?

First family member entered in UFile (family head):

  • $19.95 plus applicable provincial tax and GST 

Second family member entered in UFile (spouse):

  • $14.00 plus applicable provincial tax and GST

Additional family members (dependants)*:

  • $8.00 plus applicable provincial tax and GST

Individuals or families with total income* of $20,000 or less:

  • no charge
  • *Total income is the amount appearing on line 15000 of your tax return.
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