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UFile refuses to accept a phone number, -stops me for using NETFILE

Don Malo

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When filling in the interview for my wife I added her phone number in the 'cellular phone number' field in 'Current Address'  section, just as I did for myself.

Now, when trying to post for NETFILE, it claims it is not ready for my wife's Quebec provinical filing (my own two filings and my wife's federal filing are ok), because "a valid home phone number is missing". This stops me from doing the filing. I follow the link to the section where to fix it, but it doesn't matter what I do, the program just refuses to accept there is a valid phone number anywhere.  I tried the 'home phone number´, 'work phone number'and 'cellular phone number' fields, but all in vain.

The help text say the number format is not checked, but I still tried just a seqeunce of digits, and the format (514) 999-999. It made no difference. I made absolutely sure there we no letters or strange signs in the fields. I even tried with tow different numbers.

I paid for this service, and spent several hours preparing mine and my wife's tax return, so this is simply not acceptable.

Has anybody else experienced this strange problem?

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