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Required field left blank... but everything is filled in

David C

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We sold a principal residence last year. I filled out the personal use form, including entering the buying and selling price and expenses, and then selecting it as a principal residence that was 50% shared with my wife. Tax years when it is a principal residence are 2021 and 2022. 

UFile will not calculate my taxes. It says there are two errors. They are both "required field left blank", and clicking on either one brings me to the same Personal Use form where I've listed the sale of our principal residence. All fields on the form are filled in. There are no errors circled or highlighted so I don't see where the problem is. 

How can I fix this?  TIA

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20 hours ago, Maggie3 said:

Hello chimpette chala,

If you are having difficulty, then please contact our customer support at the following link. Fill in the form.


So you can't help me on here???? I called you tech support for CVITP and they told me to so all the above I did. I am not the only one as many volunteer's are having the same issue. We were told to un-install, re-install, delete and start over however, the error doesn't so away.  

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Hello chimpette chala,

RE I am getting the same error on the page CRA questions. 

The issue is with the prerelease CVITP version (ver 27.01).  The issue will be corrected in the next release in February.  CVITP administration is aware of this.

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Hi, I updated the program to 27.01 and that solved the problem, shrug.  Don't know what is going on with this error but I am just glad I got it fixed.  I hope Ufile informs cvitp about this so their people can help anyone calling in with this problem.  Yasmine

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