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Can you use Ufile to do a Rights and Things return ? In my case, the person died Dec. 1 2022, and had only OAS and QPP paid at the end of the month.

Since there is only these two payments there is no tax payable on this. Putting it in the final return would mean paying tax on $1937 of additional income...

I tried the Federal return and it seemed to do a correct return, claiming only the Basic Amount and Age amount in full resulting in zero tax payable....... However, on the Quebec return

the program used the basic amount in full and the age amount in full ... the latter can be split between the Final return and the separate return, provided that the total of the amounts claimed is not greater than the amount that could be claimed if all the deceased person's income for the year of death were being reported in a single income tax return. So obviously, the return is erroneous. Does that mean I have to file my return by pen and paper to account for this ?


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