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Will the system be up before the CRA deadline


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Ufile your system issue has been going on for the better part of the day with no resolution and now it is not letting users login.

If the Ufile cannot maintain system uptime on the MOST important day of the tax year then I will be filing through another solution next year.

I have had enough with the archaic system that has not changed in decades. 

Hoping we will be able to file before the deadline. if not, we expect ufile to take responsibility.

This is beyond ridiculous and only in Canada, this level of incompetence and mediocrity is tolerated.  

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Who verified the issue is resolved ? IT IS STILL THERE!!!
Please do not make no sense comments and delay us more, TODAY is the last day!
Is UFILE aware of this?
I have been asking since yesterday, if it is beyond your capability to fix it, please let us know at least earlier so we can look at other solution to submit our TAX. 
Why no one is replying about refund for already paid in advance accounts?

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