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Private health insurance, moving from Quebec to Ontario

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I moved from Quebec to Ontario in the middle of the year.  I pay for private (group) insurance.  In the past I would specify case 14 in Quebec's box 449, and Quebec didn't charge me the health premium.  I filled out the CRA/Ontario form this year and am being charged $600, the full amount that Ontario charges in my salary range.  So, 2 questions;

- In Ontario, does everyone have to pay the Ontario health premium even if they also have group insurance?  I don't see anywhere to specify that I have the insurance.

- I think Quebec will expect me to pay the premium for the months before I moved; it's on the list of "why you may have to fill out a Quebec tax form even though you've moved" items.  Is it normal that I'm being charged the premiums for the full year in Ontario?

Another complication is that 2023 was my first year of retirement.  I still have the group insurance, but it used to be shown on my T4 and RL-1, and now it is *not* shown on my T4A or RL-2.  So, either there's something going on that I don't understand or my tax forms are wrong.  I'll get that looked into.

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Hello davidg2023,

Unfortunately, our software cannot handle this problem because you do not have to file a tax return in Quebec.
However, you must file a Schedule K for the period in which you resided in Quebec.
We suggest you refer to the following document that you will find at the following link (available in French only):
Persons who have been insured by the public prescription drug insurance plan for part of the tax year must complete Schedule K according to the person's income and family and personal situation to establish the premium payable.
You will find Schedule K at the following link:
You must complete Parts A, B and C of the document.
Subsequently, you must send it to Revenu Québec with an explanatory letter.
You can also contact Revenu Québec at 1-800-267-6299 (toll-free).

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