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Brief work teaching an art class

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My daughter taught three one-week art classes for an art school last summer.   Since she had worked there previously as a technician (as an employee), we assumed she was an employee for the art classes as well.  When she did not receive her T4, she inquired with the school and was told that she had been employed as a contractor and would not be getting a T4.

I'm assuming we have to use form T2125 in this case and skip most of the fields except use her name for the business name, include her income in the "Commissions,, sales, or fees" field, and use the correct NAICS number.   The only one that seems to apply would be 611610 for Fine Arts School.   Does that seem about right ?   I'd hate to have go see an accountant for such a small income.


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Hello chucky_ott,

If she worked as a contractor they may have issued a T4A Box 048.  You should confirm, if none, then enter under T2125 - if you have expenses OR 

Other employment income >> Description and amount of other employment income:


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No T4 or T4A was provided nor will be provided.  Also, no deductions were made.    There were no expenses; only her "salary" for teaching the art classes.  I entered the amount in both sections shown below and they both give the same results.    Does CRA care which one I ultimately use ?


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