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Is there a known issue with AutoFill and T5's not downloading?

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Hi there!  I am a CVITP volunteer and have just processed about 20 returns for a community care based organization and their clients.  Almost all of the clients have T5007's OR OAS and CPP records.  It does not seem to matter which type of client it is - under or over 65, they also all have T5's too however AutoFill does not download them.  The value of the T5's are greater than $200 and the only line that has data on the T5's is line 13.  It varies from $200 - $1200 at this point in time.  Also the same Financial Institution issued them all.

I caught this issue on the first few returns when the organization verified them and found the Investment Income missing - so the organization is gathering the T5's for each of their clients.  Again, it is hard to depend on the software when these types of things happen and you are dealing with a senior client population who might not have all their receipts.

It seems to be yet another bug in in Ufile that I have run into with standard tax return processing for the CVITP program.  Is anyone aware of this or do I need to submit some examples through the 2023 software?  I am not attaching any files due to privacy concerns.

Please advise - 

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Hello lmnei,

The download is from the CRA, which in turn receives the data from the financial institutions.  No bugs are reported with the AFR download.   You should always verify the download to validate if the data is correct.

Please contact the CRA.

Contact the CRA

1-800-959-8281 for inquiries related to individuals.

 Telephone numbers – Canada Revenue Agency / CRA wait times:


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