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Married return for Resident and Partner who immigrated 2023 - Unable to file.


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The Head of the Family (HOF) has resided in Canada for a couple of years and has filed taxes previously.  His partner immigrated in 2023.  For the HOF we have done a regular return and then added his partner as his spouse along with the spouses immigration date and that it is their first time they have filed a tax return.

I am a CVITP volunteer and I have been able to Authenticate both individuals that their names are all spelled correctly, SIN's are correct and so are their birthdates with Revenue Canada.

When I try and file the HOF I receive an "Error Code(s)

16 According to the Canada Revenue Agency's records, your client is filing a tax return for the first time. Please indicate this in the software and include your client's first name, second name and last name."

When trying to file his partners return, I receive a 110-B Result about Information not matching what was provided by Service Canada and to try it again.  There are NO Error Codes given.

I am aware (as I reported it) that there are outstanding issues with regards to immigrants and medical expenses and then also, according to the CRA, in other situations, the tax preparer needs to sometimes CHANGE the "First Tax Return" from YES (what it should be) to NO for immigrants to get their taxes filed. 

However in this case, this just does not make sense.  The HOF is NOT an immigrant yet it is asking him to set his return as the first one he is submitting.  The partner IS an immigrant and there is no information as to why his return is not filing.  Keep in mind that all the spellings, SIN and birthdates have been verified.

Already e-mailed through the tax return but unable to send in the return Anonymously so posting here in case anyone has the same issue and to also include the screen shots of the two errors when I try and Netfile each of the taxes. 

Francisco Error Msg_Redacted.jpg

Orlando Error_Redacted.rtf

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Thanks for your response @Geo123  I have talked to both the CVITP Help Desk (who deal with error messages) and the CVITP phone support line (which fast tracks us to Revenue Canada agents) and have verified for the Head of Family (HOF) that there is nothing wrong with his account and the software should NOT be giving the "Filing Tax for first time" error message as he has filed previously.  As there is NO functional message for the HOF's partner, the CRA agent told me to contact UFILE about both issues.  I had e-mailed about this issue from the tax return to your support desk about 8 hours prior to posting this in the forum yesterday.  I had not heard back so that is why I posted it to the forum.  What I am waiting for is a Support ID so that I can send in the file anonymously for Ufile to verify as I seem to be stuck between the CRA and Ufile and the clients are frustrated why we cannot file their returns.  We should not have to subject clients to mailing in their returns when they qualify to Netfile as mailing returns takes months to be processed and a refund issued.  First, Ufile needs to look at why the error is happening just like my previous report about 10 days ago, where there actually was a bug with the Immigrant functionality.  Thanks! 

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