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Is it possible to claim Canada Training Credit (CTC) from previous years?

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Hello jellytot,


Yes, the CTC is carried forward (if eligible) and you used UFile.

How to claim the Canada Training Credit (CTC)


To be eligible for the CTC, you must meet all 6 of the following conditions:
    You file an income tax and benefit return for the year
    Your Canada training credit limit (CTCL) for the year is more than zero
    What the CTCL is
    You were a resident in Canada throughout the year
    Tuition or other fees were paid to an eligible educational institution for courses that you took in the year that you are claiming the credit for or to certain bodies for an occupational, trade or professional examination
    What is an eligible educational institution
    The tuition and fees are otherwise eligible for the existing tuition tax credit
    Learn about: Eligible tuition fees
    You were at least 26 years old and less than 66 years old at the end of the year


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Thank you for the info and the links. Do you know how far back in time we can claim? The info in the links don't specify. We've never claimed, but had paid for courses as far back as 2018-2019, possibly earlier.

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To assist anyone with a similar problem in the future, this is the response from an online CRA agent. They suggested that I may have to make adjustment request(s) for previous tax returns if trying to make claims for earlier tax years. They gave me this link for more info: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/about-your-tax-return/change-your-return.html


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I don't know. I had mentioned to the agent that I was considering claiming CTC for 2018 or earlier, and that's when the agent told me that in order to do that I had to make adjustment requests for previous years. But if I were to guess, then I would assume that you can claim the most recent of the two options below:

  • 2019, since that's the first year the CTC was offered, OR
  • As far back as you are allowed to make adjustment requests.

But again, those are guesses. I can't give any additional guidance as I'm not going to be making adjustment requests.

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