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A tax return was generated. However an error prevents transmission of you declaration.


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UFile produces an error message "You cannot currently NETFILE the Quebec return -  Line 128 of the Quebec TP1 must equal the total of line 166 multiplied by 1.38 and line 167 multiplied by 1.15."
I did the calculation in Excel, and yes, the rounded value of the total of line 166 multiplied by 1.38 and line 167 multiplied by 1.15 differ by $0.01.  I adjusted the value of my line 167 by +$0.01 and the values become equal.

I'm thinking UFile is comparing the unrounded value to the equation to the entered value to say they are not equal.  Anyone else have this problem?

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Hello TFB,

It means there is a problem with your slip
Remove any entries in the T3 / RL-16 Line  for :
Boxes 50, 51, 32 and 39 of the T3 slip along with boxes I and J from Relevé 16 are optional.

UFile will calculate the amounts.

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