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Not All Pages in English - Tax Return section in French all others in English


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I chose English as my language when I started UFile.  

The problem is the Tax Return section is in French and all other sections such as Interview, Results etc are in English.

I searched for an update and got message to the effect it is already at the latest update.

I don't want my tax return to be filed in French - it's already April 10.

How can I change the Tax Return section to English?

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That seems like a poor implementation as the CRA allows forms filed in French with the "English" correspondence box checked and vice versa. 

One should be allowed to complete their return in either language and not feel forced to receive their correspondence in that language.  I know the majority would want their language of filing to be the same as correspondence but it shouldn't be assumed.

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Hello BBC600,

With UFIle you can file your tax return  to the CRA in either English or French.  In addition, if you wish, you can complete the UFIle Interview screens in either English or French.  For example, complete the Interview screens in English AND then change the default English forms to French forms (and vice versa).

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