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Installation Issues


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Initial install of 2015 gave the following issues:

- program would not connect to internet to get updates

- program would not connect to Windows Explorer through browse button to carry forward files from 2014


Logged a request with support and they sent me updated version.


I have re-installed new version of ufile2015.
I still cannot connect to the internet to get updates. (Hit blue button and nothing happens)
I still cannot browse for carryforward files. (Hit Browse and nothing happens)
However files do appear in the location box and I can enter the path and the 2014 file will carry forward. BUT I am unable to save the file as a 2015 tax file.
It seems that the program will not connect to windows explorer nor will it connect to the internet.
I am on windows 7 home premium.

I am able to do all these things on ufile 14. I did notice that there is a ufile updater program for 2014 but none was installed for 2015.

Any help would be appreciated. Is it possible that I have a blocker of some sort enabled in Win7?

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What is your current operating system?? I am not talking about updating your windows to a newer version, I am talking about installing the latest service packs and fixes.

I had a Windows 10 laptop that I installed Ufile 15 on and everything works perfectly. So that tells me that it is either a Windows 7 issue or I have a system setting that is blocking something on ufile. Most likely a compatibility issue with ufile15 and Win7 as my ufile14 works just fine.

I am waiting for support to call me back as they stated that they want to help me through the issue on my Win7 laptop

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This is how I solved the solution. I have Windows 7 Pro

Run C:\Program Files (x86)\Ufile2015/ubxupdater.exe

This will allow update.


The solution that solved it was to run Windows in Compatibility mode and it works.

  1. Go Search Start or Windows Key and enter compatibility (Control panel)
  2. Run programs for previous Windows
  3. Click Next and then select the program., Ufile2015
  4. Re bootski you machine and your OK, Save works, Save As and Forward or search for other files


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I am having problems too.

Cannot carry forward 2014 files.  Browse button does not work.

Cannot update, again button does not work.

Can start a new tax return, but cannot "save" or "save as"

Also cannot print, get an "oops" message,

Have contacted support but they just sent me some automated links that have nothing to do with the problem.

I have updated to Windows 7 SP1, but still does not work.

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I have same window 8.1 laptop x few years . It is up to date  . I installed Ufile 2019 but can’t seem to get the updates using ubxupdater.  My firewalls and window defender off , but no luck. Get message “Unable to connect to server and to check internet connection”  . My internet connection is working well as I can get on all other websites . As a result of not getting this “update “ , I can’t carry forward my ufile of 2018 or use the software . I have been a faithful ufile user x10 yrs . This year , problems on top of problems 
help ! 

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