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health and dental premiums quebec


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I have an amount listed on my Releve 1 box J for my Private Health Insurance (regime price d'ass. maladie). 

I also received a letter from my employer with a completely different amount.  It states "your insurance broker has provided us with the following information regarding the amount of tax deductible Health and Dental Premiums that you paid in 2019"


Do I put the whole amount in from the letter of my employer into medical deductions? Or the difference or nothing.  So confused. 




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The amounts on the Releve 1 box J is used to determine your allowable medical expenses to be claimed. You should use in Box J the amount in the letter. It will be correctly reported as medical expenses on the QC return.


The value of the taxable benefit calculated over the course of the year was based on estimates and must be apportioned over all the pay periods in the year. [The employer] did the calculation using any reasonable estimation method (such as basing the estimates on data for the previous year or on a hypothetical premium). At the end of the year, [the employer] has to use the actual data to determine the actual value of the benefit to be entered on the employee's RL-1 slip.


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It is definitely unusual, I would suggest comparing the actual deductions on your paystubs and see if they reflect an amount from the T4/RL-1 or amounts in your letter. You could play it safe and use the lower amount. Depending on your income, the medical may be irrelevant to your situation.

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So just in case anyone needs this info, I contacted revenue quebec.  The box J is how much your employer paid for the insurance for you.  My letter was how much I paid, however my employer did not give it in time for it to be on my tax forms. 

The amount you pay out of pocket (the amount I received in the letter) should be box 235 on the releve 1 or box 85 on the T4. 


According to the agent I spoke to today on the phone, I should manually put in the amount to box 235/85 myself. 

Also shoutout to Revenue Quebec, who I emailed Sunday and was called back on Monday. The agent was helpful and knowledgeable. 

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Thanks for that update, I appreciate knowing that I did give the correct advice. Most of the time I don't get the confirmation that I was correct, and I would hate to give out bad advice...although I should have suggested contacting Revenu Quebec in hindsight; Quebec returns are not my area of expertise. Your post is very helpful!

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Hi! I'm new to the forum and I just want to add that when it comes to tax deductions, you can only claim the amount that you paid toward your health and dental premiums. So, you should only include the amount listed on your Releve 1 box J in your medical deductions.
If you're still unsure, I would recommend consulting with a tax professional who can give you more personalized advice based on your specific situation. Good luck with your taxes!
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