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CNIL Where does the automatically generated number come from?

Will B

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I loaded up the ufile for the 2020 tax season and noticed there was an auto generated T936 - CNIL (Cumulative Net Investment Losses) section that popped up with a value. I don't recall having a T936 filled out in the past, where does it pull this information from? Is there information on my online CRA account that it would of got the information? 

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Hello Will B.

Basically it's a balance of all your investment incomes minus your losses. Cumulative Net Investment Losses. Over time if your losses and expenses are greater than your positive income from investments you will have a CNIL balance that affect the use of capital gains deductions. The software keeps track for you. That said you need to make sure it reconciles to the balance CRA shows on your account. You may see it stated on your Notice of Assessment. 

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