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Tuition Credits


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It’s coming up as he owes.

The resp withdrawal is taxed in full for 2021.

but the university only put not even half the amount that was paid. I’m assuming because the other classes started in 2022.

But we already paid for them back in Aug.


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The tuition amounts are issued on a slip based on the year for which the courses are given. The amount he paid will be allocated based on the year in which he took the course. The RESP funds however were all withdrawn in one year so they will be taxed on the basis of the year they were withdrawn regardless of how they were spent. Your son only gets tuition credits for courses in the year he takes them. He will get a deduction for the 2022 courses in the 2022 income tax year. He can't get a credit for courses not yet taken. What if he decided to quit and not take the courses? The university would then issue a refund for the courses he didn't take.

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Hello Dan. C.,

The federal education and textbook tax credits were eliminated in 2017

Unused textbook amounts from years prior to 2017 can be carried forward.


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