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Can two single Ufiles be combined?


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You can carry forward one from last year, then you’ll have to add the other person as spouse and manually input their info or autofill it if authorized for that. Autofill brings in carry forward amounts, at least that has been my experience with uFile Pro….not sure about other versions.

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I doubt you can combine them.  My son and DIL separated, and I had done them as a couple.  All I could do then, was keep the original 'family head' person and delete the other.  Then, I had to start over with the second person.

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If this applies to 2021 then common-law:

The CRA considers you to be in a common-law relationship if you have lived together with your partner for more than 12 consecutive months, or if you have a child together, either related to you by blood or through adoption, or if you have primary custody of a child under the age of 18

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Hello everyone.  

I'm using Ufile 2023 (u23 extension) 

I created my individual tax file (Family Head ) without specifying a dependent.  I have also created another tax file for my independent that I would like to merge with mine.   

Is there a way to merge the two independent files without having to re-type all the data?

Thank you. 

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