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Capital loss carry backward

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I have a capital loss for the year 2021 and would like to offset the capital gain for the prior three years (year 2018-2020) and not sure how to do it.  I tried to enter into capital gain history but the tax calculation result is the same as without it, which seems not right.  I have read some previous comments from the forum about T1A, and I am wondering if I will have to complete the T1A form manually and mail it out, and file my tax online or I will have to submit both the T1A and the tax filing by mail.  Hope some one can help me with this. 

Thanks in advance for the help and advices

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In the Interview section scroll down to the bottom and look for the carryforward section and tick off Losses of Prior Years. That will provide you with the data entry section.

Then scroll down in the list of forms (Index) look in the new section added under Losses of prior years, carrybacks. You will need to add form T1A - Request for Loss Carryback.

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