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500 Internal Server Error

Bill Cairns

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I am now having this problem with both of my laptops, one running Win11 and one Win10. I have edge on both computers though I generally use chrome. Everything is right up to date on both computers. 
after I upgraded to Win 11 on my Dell I started getting an error when I tried to file the authorization to be able to autofill. The message is (500) Internal Server Error. 
I switched to my older laptop and have been able to do many returns on it (177 and counting) without seeing that error message. Now suddenly it is cropping up on that laptop too. I haven’t changed anything that I am aware of. Now I can’t to autofill on either laptop. 
I use Bitdefender on both laptops. On the Dell I tried turning Bitdefender off but it made no difference.

I see others have seen this error.  Is there any solution to it?  Help please


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Hello Bill Cairns,

As you shared with us the solution was :

Actually someone else solved the problem and I’ll share the solution with you. Somehow on my UFile (CVITP) 2021 program the Efile/Netfile setup got changed (I did not do this intentionally, I don’t know how it happened) so that the drop down box that should say “I am a CVITP volunteer” was changed to blank. Once I reset it, on both computers, the problem disappeared and I am able to submit the autofill authorization as usual. I think UFile should generate a meaningful error when someone tries to submit the authorization request when that line is blank, so that the Internal Server Error (?) message doesn’t occur. Thank you for your response. I’m relieved there was a solution to my problem.


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