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Warning due to T4A and T2125


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Hello Haoming,

(1.) T4A - T4A - Pension, retirement, annuity and other income Box 048

Go about half way down the page to >>Fees for services (report this amount as a T2125 - Business or Professional income) 048 QC


(2) T2125 – Business Income

You must also enter corresponding entry in T2125 >> Self-Employment Income:

T2125 - Business income OR T2125P - Professional income OR T2125C - Commission income


*Complete T2125 - Business identification

Name / Address / Fiscal Year (usually Jan 1 – Dec 31)

*Enter in Income/Expenses:

Business income: 

Fees for services (T4A Box 048) (Enter the total if you have more than one amount)

Enter any applicable expenses associated with this T4A Box 48


**do not enter in Gross sales, commissions or fees**


***Note For QC RL-1: Rl-1 Box G = RZ-RD Fees for services rendered ---> Same as Box 048

(3.) Also please verify that you did not mistakenly create another (duplicate) T2125

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