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CRA Efile Submission Error on UFILE PRO ?!


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We continue to get the following error and it is now February 28th?! 

The Canada Revenue Agency's electronic submission service for tax year 2022 will open on February 20, 2023. Please return on or after that date to file. If you are also filing a Quebec return, the NetFile Québec service will open on February 20, 2023.

Anyone else getting this error?


We were able to submit prior years using previous tax software but for 2022 can not file and have tried everyday since 21st! 

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Hello Curmudgeon,

Please verify if the update was successful.  The current version of UFIle is v26.12. 

To verify :

>>"? Help"   (upper right hand corner - top menu bar)

  >>"About Ufile" >>Version 26.12


If you continue to have issues please contact UFile Support so we may review the issue.
Please open a request ticket and submit an anonymous file for review on-line at https://www.ufile.ca/contact/contact-us 

Please include the above information in the request

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Hi, I uninstalled and reinstalled UFile today using the link above (version 26.20), but still get CRA reject message with a result of 84, error code 2226. 

I did select "married" in the marital status, but the message keeps telling me that the status on the return is not married. 

Please help. Thanks!

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