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Trying to send in Netfile and Result 15 comes up and says account locked


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Hello gkaly,

The CRA has locked your account due to too many failed attempts to NetFile (5xTimes maximum). You should contact the CRA to **unlock the account ie specifically the transmission to Netfile ** and then wait at least 12 hours to NetFile.  

Please note there is a difference between CRA myaccount and the CRA Netfiling account and not all CRA agents are aware of this.


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I first tried to file to CRA with the wrong code. After a couple of attempts I found the right code, and was able to file to Revenu Québec without problems. But the filing to CRA continued to be rejected until it suddenly told me the account was locked with code 15.

I called CRA, and it turned out the account was not locked at all, but after a lot of explanations I was forwarded to somebody who supposedly takes care of NETFILE accounts. There I have been waiting in phone queue for 2 hours.

I was a happy Ufile customer until 2018, when I started using an accountant. Now, in 2023, when I am back trying to use it again, it has become buggy and a truly painful experience. Next year I will use TurboTax.


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I have also faced this same issue for the past 2 weeks (2023) when my code was locked after 5 attempts. I called CRA multiple times during the strike and couldnt reach anyone. Then when they reopened the line on May 2nd, i called multiple times and waited hours to speak with an agent only to be told that CRA doesnt manage Netfile access. I had to call 3 others times and waited 2-3 hours each time, and finally after arguing with one of the CRA agents, he did some digging and found out that there is an E-service CRA division. Thats the correct team managing Netfile access and i was finally transferred to them. After another 30 minutes on hold, an agent finally responded and helped unlock my Netfile. To avoid doing all this dance, i recommend as soon as you are connected with a CRA agent, to simply request speaking with the E-service department to renew your web access code. Dont waste time mentioning anything about Netfile, they will dismiss you right away. Once you are connected with the E-service, you can explain your issue with Netfile and they will either unlock your access code or provide you with another one.

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