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How to Enter Footnote Amount from T3


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I have a T3 slip with a footnote saying *21-Non business income for foreign tax credit: $2081.59 (The capital gains in box 21 are double that at $4163.18)

The instructions say it is to be entered on line 43300 of Form 2209.  How do I do this?

There is also a smaller amount in box 34 where 50% of it is on Form 2209 already.


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Hello ToddMck,

In Interview SetUp >> Go to the Section >> Investment income and expenses
  >>Foreign income or foreign property (T1135) -->
  Select the relevent foreign business Income type and enter the amount AND the witholding tax (if any)
  Income from foreign dividends  < ---- HERE
  Foreign interest income < ---- HERE
  Foreign rental income
  Foreign capital gains - Stock, mutual funds & other non depreciable property < ---- HERE
  Foreign capital gains - Real estate & other depreciable property
  Foreign capital gains - Bonds, debentures, promissory notes
  Foreign capital gains - Other mortgage foreclosures / repossessions
  Foreign capital gains - Personal use property
  Foreign capital gains - Listed personal property (LPP)
  Foreign capital gains - Capital gain from T-slips < ---- HERE
  Foreign employment income
  Other foreign income < ---- HERE

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