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Netfile with Ufile Pro?


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9 hours ago, Curmudgeon said:

No. Ufile and similar tax software are Netfile only.

To be specific, I’m using Ufile Pro which seems to be efile only. My efile registration with the CRA is still pending, so is there a way that I can get Ufile Pro to Netfile a T1 rather than efile it?

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So, for anyone interested Ufile Pro won’t allow you to Netfile, only Efile.  If you find yourself in my position where the CRA are on strike an not processing efile registrations (or you have any other Efile problems) Ufile Pro will be a dead end.  However, the Ufile Pro files can be read by the Ufile Windows product which is set up only for Netfiling.  (One would think that a Ufile tech could have told me this - perhaps they are also on strike / working from home) 

Additionally, you don’t need Netfile Access Codes to Netfile a return. The CRA will accept a return without a Netfile code (and the Ufile software even tells you this), however if you need to discuss any part of your return with a CRA agent you will need to quote numbers from you return. Not a big deal. 

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