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T4 and RL-1 Slip Clarifications


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I would appreciate some clarification on inputting the correct data in the boxes for the taxation year 2013 with multiple slips of T4 and a RL-L slips from the same company.


Info :


I am currently a resident of QC, and I worked in Qc.


I received 2 T4 and 1 RL-1 from the same employer for the year 2013.


The corresponding boxes of the 2 T4 slips added together are equivalent to the boxes of the RL-1 Slip.

The difference between the 2 T4 (except the values of each box) is that one of them has box 40 and box 85 added (Health Benefits) .


Questions :


1. When filling the “T4 and RL-1 (Relevé 1) income earned in Quebec” Form, some boxes have a # and a letter example “(Box 20 - RPP contributions (RL-1 Box D)”. Witch one of the slip T4 or RL-1 do I Use?


2. How many forms do I use if I have 2 T4 and 1 RL-1 from the same employer?



Appreciate your Time and Energy.


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What to do if you have received several T4 slips and only one RL-1 (Relevé 1) slip from the same employer?


You must calculate the total of each box of all the T4 slips (14, 17, 18...) that you received. In the section "T4 and RL-1 (Relevé 1) income earned in Quebec", you should enter only the total of each box of the T4 slip.

Enter the information from the RL-1 slip as well.

NOTE: The amounts of the following boxes of the T4 slip should match the amounts for each of the following corresponding boxes of the RL-1 slip:

T4 - Box 17 / RL-1 Box B

T4 - Box 18 / RL-1 Box C

T4 - Box 20 / RL-1 Box D

T4 - Box 55 / RL-1 Box H

T4 - Box 26 / RL-1 Box G

T4 - Box 44 / RL-1 Box F

T4 - Box 46 / RL-1 Box N

T4 - Box 56 / RL-1 Box I

T4 - Box 32 / RL-1 Box K

T4 - Box 42 / RL-1 Box M

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Thank you for the help Gabriel you are highly helpful.


One point that I would like to point:


All Boxes from the Two T4 add up to the RL-1 Slip, exempt  BOX "T4 - Box 56 / RL-1 Box I"


The information on the first T4 slip is BLANK 

The information on the Second T4 slip is 12 XXX.XX $

The information on the RL-1  slip is 24 XXX.XX $


I know I did not have health benefits for the first T4 with the BLANK date on the Box 56.



Which  info do I input ? the 12K from just the Secound T4  or the 24K from the RL-1? 



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