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Federal Authorization rejected


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Hi Rakko, According to the error code: T828 The first and last name of the taxpayer or legal representative who signed the form must be provided in the "Name in block letters" area in part 6 of the form. If the taxpayer has signed the form, the name in the "Print name" field must correspond to the first and last name of the taxpayer indicated in part 1. Only alphabetic characters and punctuation, such as hyphens, apostrophes and points will be accepted. Any other character cannot be transmitted.

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Thank you Nawal for your reply.

Where is the part 6 of the form you mentioned ?
Also is there a way to get a taxpayer's signature online before Efiling ?

The name in the "Print name" field on the Authorization form is exacty the same as the name I mentioned in the Identiication field,
but in the address area, I put c/o. Is this the reason why I got this error ?

Thank you.


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Remove the C/O in the name field and put the Legal Representative's name on the "Care of" Line. CRA rejects the return if you put C/O in the identification field. You should put the name of the legal representative in the address section. Ufile will then automatically add the C/O where it is required.

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